This page contains frequently asked questions regarding our mobile games for children. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

How do I restore my game purchases on Google Play?
Normally, purchases restore automatically upon opening the game (after a few seconds). You can also trying going to the Parents menu and pressing the Restore button.

If the above doesn’t work, then you may not be using the same account that was originally used to purchase the game content. To see which account is being used:

  1. Open Google Play app
  2. Touch Menu  Google Play Store Menu Icon
  3. View the active account at the top of the menu

If you would like to see what purchases have been made on the current account, you can then go to Account -> Order history.

Why is my in-app purchase not working on my child’s Kindle FreeTime profile?
This is a known issue that affects some Kindle FreeTime users. I emailed Amazon regarding it and here was their response:

This is a known issue, with no great workaround at this time. Essentially, a Freetime user does not share the IAP content with the parent user, and the Freetime user is unable to purchase any IAP items, so they often cannot unlock certain features and items in the game. The only workaround at this time is to create a separate version of the game which is paid and includes all IAP content by default. That version of the game can then be put by parents into their children’s Freetime profiles.

I have created fully-unlocked FreeTime editions of each app to address this issue. If you encounter this problem, ask Amazon for a refund of the app, and purchase the “FreeTime Edition” version instead.

Do your games contain advertisements?
We never include any third-party or commercial advertisements in any of our games. You may have noticed that many other kids games include cleverly-placed links that, when tapped on, bring up other games for purchase. We strive to create an experience in our games that we would want for our own children.
Do your games collect usage or other types of information?
Our games do NOT collect personal, usage, or any other type of user information.
Do I have to purchase the game again for my new device?
As long as you are using the same account, you do not have to purchase the game again. Simply re-download it from your app store. If the game has locked content, the content should automatically unlock. You can also use the Restore button found in the information screen (hold the ‘Parents’ button on the game’s main menu).
Can I install the game on multiple devices?
You can purchase a game once and then install it on an unlimited number of devices, as long as those devices are using the same app store and account. For example, if you have 3 Apple devices all using the same App Store account, you can install the game on each device with a single purchase.
Which app markets are your games available on?
Currently, our games are available on Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore, Google Play, and Nabi App Store.
If I purchased a game for my Android device, do I have to purchase it again for my iPad (and vice versa)?
The short answer is: yes. Due to app market constraints, a purchase from each individual app market is required.
Do your games contain in-app purchases?
Some of our games contain a single in-app purchase to unlock all of the content. We never include more than a single in-app purchase. We found that parents generally prefer the ability to preview the game for free, and then quickly and conveniently unlock all of the content with an in-app purchase. On some app markets, this option is not available, and the games are available as separate free and paid downloads.
Help! I have multiple accounts on my Android devices and my purchase will not restore.
This has been an Android issue for a long time. Google’s IAP (in-app purchases) looks at the first account listed on your Android device when you attempt to restore a purchase. The only solution I’ve found is to open a browser on your device, navigate to, login with the account you purchased the app with, and install the app from there (you’ll need to uninstall the app first if you installed it from the Play Store app). Developers such as myself have been asking Google to fix this issue for years now.
Help! I have no sound on my iPad.
There is an occasional sound issue with iOS (iPads/iPhones):

If you have your device’s switch set to “mute” rather  than “lock rotation,” then have the switch set to the “mute” position, THEN change it to “lock rotation” (while switch is still down in mute position), it will remain muted.

If you want to use “lock rotation” function with sound, while in “mute” function you need the switch off (i.e. not mute) before changing functions, then you can lock rotation with sound.