Hi, I’m Landon. My daughter Mona was born with a rare liver disease called biliary atresia. This little girl has a huge hold on my heart, as any parent would understand. I started doing these kid apps to help pay for her healthcare costs.

Mona is currently doing great. She received her new liver, the donor being Becky (her mom, my wife). Becky is also doing great. It was quite the ordeal, to say the least. During the first transplant attempt, Becky’s heart sac accidentally got punctured, causing her to go into cardiac arrest for about 15 minutes. The transplant was called off, but eventually we came to an agreement with the doctors and hospital to try again. The second attempt a week later went flawlessly, but one day before we were to go home Mona had a stroke caused by the immunosuppressants.

So it’s been a long road, and Mona has had and will have her struggles, but she is a strong little girl. She can walk again and play and do normal kid things. I think I might even be able to take her skiing one day.

We are currently using money from these kid apps to save up for a Bioness leg device for Mona that should help her walk and play even better.

Below are a couple of news article about Mona and Becky with additional information for those are are interested.

Pre-transplant article
Post-transplant article

Thank you for the many kind emails and letters we have received on Mona’s behalf.