Toddler Animal Trace

Trace animals, pop balloons, have fun!

24 animals, 3 environments, music, and more!

Colorful and fun HD graphics

Perfect for toddlers and young children

Designed for ages 2 and up, this creative game is an excellent way to introduce children to the concept of tracing. Simple enough for a 2-year old and fun enough for a 5-year old, this game features lots of content to keep your children engaged and entertained.

Choose from 24 animals, and trace the body parts to complete each animal. Trace the eyes, then the head, then the feet, and continue on, until the whole animal is traced! From a flapping butterfly to a squeaky mouse, each animal features unique animations and sounds that make tracing fun for kids.

This game was designed to be easy for toddlers and young children to play, and will only require you showing them how to play one or two rounds. This game will help teach your children animal names and noises, as well as help in developing their fine motor skills.

***How to play***
First, select an animal. Then trace each body part by connecting the trace images. Pop the balloons as you complete each part, and watch as your animals come to life!

Your toddler will be able to play with up to 24 animals (8 in the free version), including: bear, bee, cat, dog, duck, elephant, horse, monkey, owl, parrot, turtle, zebra, and many more!

This game is ready for your HD phones and tablets.

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