Toddler Sing and Play 3

4 games in 1 designed to help your toddlers and kids learn popular songs in a fun and creative way

Music and lyrics to help your kids learn popular songs

Interactive games unique to each song

Colorful and fun HD graphics

Designed for ages 2 and up, this game helps your children learn popular songs while interacting in a fun and creative way.

Wheels on the Bus: Sing with a happy bus and its passengers as it travels around the town! This bus has it all: wipers, horn, people, and even a hidden monkey! To start the music, tap a bus object after each verse (12 verses total). Hint: to change the bus color, try popping the balloons.

Ants Go Marching: Hurrah! Ten busy ants make their way down the road to get out of the rain! The little ant leads the way and performs the action of each verse. Your children will love tapping on the ants and hearing what they have to say!

Five Little Monkeys: This counting song features five unique monkeys that love to jump! When the lights turn on, sing along as the monkeys do their tricks! Each time a monkey bumps his head, mom calls the doctor until there are no monkeys left. Time to go back to bed!

The Alphabet Song: Sing it forwards, backwards, and with objects! This song is not your ordinary ABC song. Each letter turns into an objects when tapped, and each object does silly tricks! Your children will love singing along with this fun game.

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