Hi, I’m Landon. My daughter Mona was born in 2010 with a rare liver disease called biliary atresia. This little girl has a huge hold on my heart, and so I started doing apps in 2013 to help pay for good healthcare while I pursued an MBA at Brigham Young University. A few of the apps did well, and with skyrocketing healthcare costs, I decided to keep at it.

Several years later, Mona is doing great. She received a liver transplant in 2014, the donor being Becky (her mom, my wife). It was quite the ordeal, one which I plan to detail more fully. Below are a couple of news article about Mona and Becky with additional information for those are are interested.

Pre-transplant article
Post-transplant article

Thank you for the many kind emails and letters we have received on Mona’s behalf.